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Our Mission

Old Maine Outfitters was founded for a purpose.  Recently, we have all become painfully aware that striped bass are in trouble and need our help.  Their population is plummeting and they are being overfished. As a way to give back and help support these amazing creatures we get to spend our Maine summers with, I decided to start Old Maine Outfitters. The goal is to create gear and apparel for all anglers and outdoor enthusiasts while at the same time helping to restore a fish we hold so dear.  Now and forever, Old Maine Outfitters will donate 25% of all profits to striped bass and fisheries conservation.  Whether you purchase something from us or not, I encourage all of you to get involved and help save these incredible fish.  Learn more at the American Saltwater Guides Association or contact me with questions.  

Our Logo

Many of you have probably seen someone flying an original Maine flag in your neighborhood.  The flag flew proudly over Maine from 1901 to 1909.  In recent years, this flag has seen a resurgence in Maine, and many Mainers are even lobbying to have it become our state flag again.  Needless to say, we agree.  That is why we based our Old Maine Outfitters logo on it.  We feel it is the perfect representation of Maine and the sport we love.  Learn more about our first state flag here.


Old Maine Outfitters Logo

Based off the original Maine flag from 1901, our logo replaces the pine tree with the beloved striped bass we spend our Maine summers with.

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